Current projects

My research interests mainly centre around social media platforms, online communities, and political communications. As far as social media platform research goes I have a keen interest in Reddit. Below are some of the main projects I’m working on.

Reddit literature review and ethics project

Building on my previous experience I am involved in a multipart project on Reddit. Firstly a systematic literature review of Reddit and secondly a paper on the ethical use of Reddit data in research. The literature review covers bibliographic details, study keywords, research topics, subreddits studied, whether the study was primarily about Reddit, a description of the data used, the method of data capture, type of analysis, and an overview of how ethics are discussed. My co-authors for these projects are Nicholas Proferes, Michael Zimmer, Sarah Gilbert and Casey Fiesler.

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Reddit health meta-analysis

There are several health studies on Reddit which have investigated topics ranging from depression, urology and experiences of neo-natal care. This study will synthesise, statistically analyse and combine the results from identified studies to gain further insights. This study is in collaboration with Dr Rebecca Britt from the University of Alabama who specialises in health communications.

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Fashion brand sentiment and popularity on Reddit

Using social media data from across several of Reddit’s fashion communities I am investigating the most popular fashion brands over time using machine learning. I am using Python to conduct sentiment analysis and topic modelling to identify how brands are discussed and their popularity approximately over 10 years.

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Past projects

Drum and Brass podcast

Drum and Brass are a community group producing two podcasts funded by Leicester City Council and National Lottery Fund to increase the health and wellbeing of the elderly in care homes. I am researching and writing content on the positive effect of music on elderly people’s health and wellbeing for the podcast and also recording outcomes and evidence for the funder’s impact assessments.

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If any of these projects interests you then feel free to contact me.