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Drum and Brass is a Leicester based community group that brings individual and communities together by developing skills and wellbeing through group music-making. I am contributing towards two separate projects.


The group is running series of podcasts being aired to care home residents to increase their health and wellbeing during periods of social isolation because of Covid-19 restrictions in the UK. This project is funded by Leicester City Council and National Lottery Fund.

I am providing desk-based research and writing content which will be discussed during the podcasts between live music and interactive question and answer sessions. This includes an outline what the science says about the benefit of music for elderly people.

HMP Leicester project

Over the past three years Brum and Bras have held musical workshops at HMP Leicester prison to help in rehabilitation of offenders. With current Covid-19 restrictions these sessions are no longer feasible and group members are innovating to deliver music in new online formats.

To help inform outcomes and success I researched and wrote a report on the impact of musical therapy and interventions in prison and rehabilitation settings according to the current scientific literature.