Peer reviewed articles

Proferes, N., Jones, N., Gilbert, S., Fiesler, S., & Zimmer, M. (2021). Studying Reddit: A Systematic Overview of Disciplines, Approaches, Methods, and Ethics. Social Media + Society 7(2).

Conference papers and panels

Britt, R. K., Franco, C. L., & Jones, N. (2021). Health communication issues, theories, and novel methodological approaches addressed on platform-based studies: A systematic meta-analysis in the context of Reddit. Manuscript accepted for publication.

Franco, C. L., Britt, R. K., Jones, N., & Jannat, K. T. (2021). Towards a theoretical future: Examining the prevalence of platform-driven health communication scholarship. Manuscript accepted for publication.

Fiesler, C., Michael, Z., Proferes, N., Gilbert, S., & Jones, N. (2021). Addressing Ethics in Reddit Research: A Systematic Review. Presented at the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers. Available in Selected Papers of Internet Research (SPIR).